We are a premier distributor for Manuli hose and fittings.
The Manuli range of products include:

  • Hoses
  • Fittings
  • Quick Couplings
  • Rotofit
  • Refrigeration
  • Water Cleaning & Blasting
  • Hydraulic Assemblies
  • Manipulated Tubes
  • Accessories


We offer both universal and extreme hoses.


Wide range of Manuli hose fittings. Manuli fittings are zinc plated (Cr6 free) for improved corrosion resistance and all MF2000 and MF3000 fittings are made from solid stock. Fittings include
  • Multifit Type (MF)
  • Interlock Plus Type (ILP)
  • Xtralock Type (XL)
  • Blastlock Type (BL)
  • Push Lock Type (PL)
  • EASY Fit
  • Precrimped Type (MF 3000)


We stock and supply the full range of Manuli reinforced rubber hoses, fittings, hose assemblies and kits for bus air conditioning and mobile refrigeration systems for on-road industrial vehicles as well as air conditioning systems for off-highway industrial vehicles such as agricultural machines, earth-moving machines and forestry machines etc.

Water Cleaning & Blasting

We stock and supply a full range of water cleaning hose for both cold and hot water systerms as well as hose for high pressure water blasting.

Hydraulic Assemblies

We can supply many of Manuli's range of special hose assemblies for heavy duty applications.

Manipulated Tubes

We can supply manipulated tube systems from Manuli for specific installations.


Full range of Manuli hose protection range for hoses and piping, including:
  • Protection Springs
  • Mining Protection Springs
  • HT Protection Springs
  • Textile Sleeves
  • Fire Sleeves

Global Distribution


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